Sorteo Nadando entre libros

Sorteo Nadando entre libros

miércoles, 10 de junio de 2015

Mockingjay Premiere

My experience on the Mockingjay Premiere

Last year, the November 11th, it was one of the best experiences of my life. I went to the Mockingjay Premiere in Madrid, Spain. It all started the day before. I had participated in another contests but I didn't win anyone. That day, the 10th, I saw there was a contest where I had to say what would I do if I were the Mockingjay to participate. I wrote funny things about what I would do. I didn't think I could win, I just did it because I wanted to feel that I had tried it. It was the last half an hour of the contest. After that, I sent my answer an I went to the dentist, because they were going to take my retail unit off, so I was very excited. When I was on the way back home, on the car with my dad, I checked my twitter notifications and I saw a tweet of the account that was doing the contest, mentioning me and saying that I had won the ticket to the Premiere. I checked it again just in case it was a mistake,but it wasn't. I was going to go to the Premiere! My father asked me what happened to me because I was almost crying. I told him and he congratulated me. When we got home I told my mother and my father and her started to talk about it. I was freaking out! I sent messages to my friends and I couldn't stop jumping and shouting! It was hard to breathe! And to make it better I was watching the World Premiere in London, and all I could think about was that the next day I was going to see Sam Claflin in person! A lot of people started to chat with me on Twitter, congratulating and saying that they liked my answer very much. So the next day a few people asked me about it at Highschool. That afternoon, I dressed up with my Mockingjay T-shirt and my necklaces. I decided to go with my brother, because he was over 18 and he could help me if there was a problem. My dad drove us to Callao, the main cinema in Madrid. When we arrived there weren't so many people because it was going to rain and a lot of people changed their minds about going because the main actors weren't going to be there. I went to get my ticket and the woman that was at the box office said that she didn't know anything about it. My heart stopped for a second. It couldn't be, was it some kind of joke? I sent a tweet to the account saying what was happening, and they said I went ten minutes early, that they had just left the tickets there. I went again to the office box and thanks god they were right. The woman gave my ticket. She was very rude, by the way. So I went to the row and met some famous youtubers. I took some pictures with them and waited. I got into the cinema and waited. On the big screen they showed when Sam arrived and how we signed autographs. He was so nice, really. After that we went into the cinema and Tony Aguilar talked to him about it. He said some words in spanish, an told us that Jen and Josh told him to say 'Hello' for them. It was awesome. He's very sweet and very nice. After that we had to go, so we watched the film. Like the others, it was fantastic. I even cried! I couldn't take any pictures of Sam because we had to leave our phones and cameras out of the cinema. When it finished, all I could think about was that I was the luckiest person in the world. So we went home and I had another memory to add to the best moments of my life.

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